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Emergency Dentist Bacchus Marsh

Dental emergency? Need emergency dental appointments Bacchus Marsh

Rest assured we will make same-day attention happen for you! Within easy reach, at your local shopping centre, Maddingley Dental Aesthetic & Implant Centre clinic is well prepared to provide our patients with emergency dental treatment at short notice. We recommend storing our After-Hours number in your phone for quick access in a crisis. Fast attention may make the difference to saving your tooth or preventing the condition from becoming even more serious.

Some Matters Just Can't Wait

We understand that it can be alarming and painful to suffer a dental emergency, so we prioritise urgent treatments.

If you experience any of the following, you need to see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. Our compassionate team will assess and then treat your trauma without delay and administer pain relief if required.

Severe Toothache or Sensitivity

Never ‘tough it out’ or dismiss a toothache as ‘nothing serious’. There are many possible underlying causes which need to be uncovered as early as possible to prevent more serious and costly complications.

Experience a high standard of care in a calming environment at
our centrally located, contemporary clinic.

Bleeding Gums

If you see ‘pink in the sink’ when you brush, or your gums seem swollen and inflamed, it’s time to contact our clinic.

Even if you’re not experiencing pain, this could be the result of oral trauma or point to gum disease, which can progress to tooth loss and more serious health conditions if left untreated.

It may not hurt right away but when you break or chip a tooth, it’s an open invitation for infection. It’s only a matter of time before a damaged tooth dies and if a serious break has left the nerve in your tooth exposed, you may suddenly feel the onset of debilitating pain and need of a root canal to preserve the tooth.

Dental prosthetics like crowns are made to last, so a break may mean deeper trauma to your tooth or mouth, along with the potential for infection while your tooth is unprotected. An immediate call to your emergency dentist is a must and depending on your answers to our questions, we may ask you to come into the clinic right away.

If your wisdom teeth are having trouble erupting, they may grow sideways and become impacted. The discomfort this causes can rapidly intensify to severe pain and you may be at greater risk of gum or tooth infection which can quickly spread to the rest of your body. If you experience pain or fever, get in touch with us right away for advice.

All Health Funds Participating Under HICAPS Accepted

Can’t See Your Health Fund? Contact your provider to see if HICAPS is available on your policy.

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