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Dental Surgeries & Extractions Bacchus Marsh for When It's Urgent

We’re here to help you keep your teeth in good condition for life but there are times when tooth removal is necessary. Simple and painless tooth extraction at Bacchus Marsh is within easy reach at Maddingley Dental Aesthetic & Implant Centre.

Our skilled dentists take the stress out of children’s tooth extractions, wisdom teeth extraction, and removal of normal, infected or severely damaged teeth, in a calming environment.

Experienced Professionals Who Can Remove Teeth Drama-Free

Is your tooth damaged beyond repair and can’t be saved?
Does overcrowding mean you need a wisdom tooth extraction?
Is your child’s tooth removal necessary?

Rest assured, in our experienced hands you’ll be quickly relieved of any anxiety, pain, and risk of infection or damage to other teeth, regardless of the reason behind your need for a tooth removal.

When Tooth Extraction is the Wise Decision

If it hurts when you bite down, you’re avoiding your favourite foods because it triggers pain, or you find yourself wiggling a loose tooth, tooth removal may be the wise decision. Your discomfort may be caused by a dental abscess, severe infection, serious trauma to your tooth, or even gum disease. Don’t wait until the damage worsens before consulting Maddingly Dental Clinic. Our experienced dentists will only recommend removal of a tooth that is beyond saving, as a last case scenario.

During your examination, we’ll let you know the underlying cause and condition of your tooth. If it can’t be saved, don’t worry, tooth extraction is a simple and painless procedure.

Experience a high standard of care in a calming environment at
our centrally located, contemporary clinic.

Tooth Extraction Needn't Be Complicated

Our dentists are skilled in the latest techniques, so that tooth extraction is a straightforward, painless and minimally invasive experience.

  • First, your trusted dentist will numb the tooth, jawbone and adjacent gum lines with a gentle local anaesthetic
  • We use customized tools to quickly and easily rock your tooth free from its socket, and you won’t feel a thing
  • The opening is quickly stitched, and your mouth is thoroughly cleansed to prevent any risk of infection
  • Biting down on a gauze sets the natural healing process in motion

The whole procedure is over within around 30-45 minutes in the comfort of our Bacchus Marsh clinic.

Tooth Extraction:
A Last Resort for Kids

When performing children’s dentistry, we consider tooth extraction to be a last resort. We understand that dental work can be scary—especially for children—and our compassionate team will strive to ease kids’ anxieties, working through all alternative options before resorting to tooth extraction.

In the event that we deem extraction necessary, we will place your child under a mild sedative. Throughout the procedure, we will loosen and remove the problem tooth as gently as we can.

We consider:

The pain and risk to your child if a badly infected or abscessed tooth is left untreated
The lifespan of the tooth, whether it is a baby tooth or a permanent tooth.
Whether the degree of trauma to the tooth means it cannot be saved.
Whether the tooth interferes with the child’s bite and ability to eat and function properly.
The impact of overcrowding on planned orthodontic treatment

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