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General Dentistry in Bacchus Marsh

Maddingley Dental Aesthetic & Implant Centre is dedicated to quality care of your teeth and oral health to keep you smiling confidently. Our experienced dentists have your whole family’s General Dentistry care is covered, including Children’s Dentistry with a gentle touch.

Experience a high standard of care in a calming environment at our centrally located, contemporary clinic. For your convenience, we are open Saturdays and late on some weekdays, and offer flexible payment options.

Complete General Dentistry Services Under One Roof

We provide a comprehensive suite of General Dentistry services for adults and children, from routine check-ups and professional cleans, to pain-free root canal and filling procedures, and detection and treatment of gum disease.

A regular check-up and professional clean with us will not only resolve any existing dental problems and keep your teeth sparkling, but can prevent future health complications, such as sleep disturbance, headaches and even diabetes, heart disease, stroke and mouth cancer, which have been linked to neglected dental conditions.

Check-ups and Cleans

At Maddingley Dental Aesthetic & Implant Centre we want you to love your smile, and that starts with developing good preventative care habits, including regular check-ups. Routine check-ups and cleans with your trusted dentist at 6 monthly intervals are the key to a healthy smile.

Even with diligent brushing at home, plaque will build-up on your teeth and a 6 monthly visit to your dentist will keep this at bay. Without professional cleaning, bad breath, gum disease and tooth decay may result. Thorough examination of your teeth at each check-up allows us to spot early signs of decay or other potential issues, and recommend treatment to avoid more advanced and costly complications. We use X-rays to check that everything beneath the gums is in good shape.

Experience a high standard of care in a calming environment at
our centrally located, contemporary clinic.

Children’s Dentistry

Don’t underestimate the value of investing in early dental care. When you make your child’s first appointment with us an easy check-up, instead of waiting until a painful problem needs treatment, you take the nerves and resistance out of regular visits to the dentist. You’ll set the standard for healthy oral care habits like daily brushing and flossing, from a young age, so that maintaining a healthy smile becomes second nature to them and future problems can be prevented.

Our Bacchus Marsh dentists will talk with them about what they can do to keep their teeth healthy and strong, and with regular examination of your little one’s teeth, gums and mouth, our Maddingley Dental Aesthetic & Implant Centre Clinicians can advise on any early intervention needed to minimise or prevent the need for corrective treatment as they grow.

We offer Gap-free treatment for CDBS eligible children.

Should a cavity or crack occur, you’re in safe hands for seamless and painless filling procedures with our experienced dentists. A dental filling can quickly and simply restore a tooth that’s damaged due to decay.


We use the most up-to-date composite and porcelain fillings and explain the pro’s and con’s of each to you before recommending the most suitable option for your needs. We’ll discuss any questions you may have, to help you make an informed choice for restoring your teeth with lasting results.

We move quickly to treat gum disease. Without intervention, complications can include tooth loss and even risk of heart attack or stroke. In its early stages, Gingivitis affects only the gum tissue (or Gingiva), leading to swollen gums that may bleed when you brush. If you see ‘pink in the sink’, don’t hesitate to have your dentist check your gum health.


With treatment, this can be reversed before it progresses to Periodontitis, which affects the supporting tissue and cannot be reversed, resulting in loss of teeth and bone.

Rest assured our dentists are experienced in the very latest techniques that have made root canal therapy no more uncomfortable than a standard filling. We relieve the severe toothache and sensitivity caused by an infected nerve in your tooth by drilling a small hole and removing the soft, dental pulp at the centre. Only mild discomfort is to be expected for a few days following the treatment, as things re-settle.

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