The Process of Getting Veneers in Bacchus Marsh

Smile freely and without hesitation with Dental veneers in Bacchus Marsh! At Maddingley Dental Care, we offer services for cosmetic dentistry because we believe it’s simply not human nature to hold back a smile. In this blog post, we’ll explore what you should expect from teeth veneers so that you have a better understanding of whether they’re the right choice for you.

So, how do dental veneers even work?

Veneers are an increasingly popular cosmetic dental treatment that transforms your smile into one you’ve always been dreaming of. Teeth veneers are thin, custom-made shells that are bonded to the front of your teeth to improve their appearance. You won’t be able to stop smiling because of your new smile!

At Maddingley Dental, Care your dentist will examine your teeth and take impressions to create a model of your mouth, which will then be used to construct your custom-made veneers. A thin layer of enamel will be removed from your teeth to create space for your veneers and once your custom veneers are ready, our dentists will check the fit and colour before bonding them to your teeth with a special adhesive.

Should I choose porcelain or composite for my veneers?

Although both are amazing choices, it’s best to consult with one of our professionals here at Maddingley Dental in order to determine what will be the best option for you.

  • Porcelain Venners: Porcelain veneers are usually really durable and robust – and they are stain resistant, which is fantastic as this means they retain their natural appearance for years. However, porcelain veneers are generally more expensive than composite resin veneers.
  • Composite Veneeres: Composite resin veneers are composed of a tooth-coloured resin material. These are usually more affordable in comparison to porcelain veneers. And, the great thing about them is that they’re generally easier to repair, in case of chipping or cracking of any kind.

Ultimately, at Maddingley Dental, we recommend talking to our helpful staff to understand what may work for you – whether it’s porcelain or resin. Our wonderful team always keeps in mind what your dental situation calls for and your financial situation in order for you to achieve the best possible results…for you.

How long do dental veneers take?

The thorough procedure for veneers is actually quite smooth – it usually takes approximately three weeks, from consultation to incorporation however, it may vary depending on your specific case.

How long do they last?

When well-cared for, the amazing part of veneers is that they’re durable and can last years. Therefore, the lifespan for composite veneers have a lifespan of around 5 to 7 years and porcelain veneers can last up to 10 to 15 years. However, it’s essential to constantly stay on top of your oral hygiene and visit us at Maddingley Dental to have regular checkups with our dentists, so your smile stays healthy and strong.

Does getting veneers damage your teeth?

Our dentists are always careful with their evaluation of your teeth and always discuss the potential risks and benefits of veneers before proceeding with treatment. As mentioned earlier, a small amount of enamel from the surface of the teeth is removed to prepare them for the veneers. This process is usually minimal and should not cause significant damage to your teeth!

The benefits of teeth veneers

At Maddingley Dental Care, we are passionate about refreshing your smile. Perhaps teeth veneers is the option you’ve been looking for if:

  • Discoloration: If your teeth are stained and discoloured, don’t be dismayed by the thought that you may not have pearly whites – dental veneers are the way to go, as they can cover them up!
  • Chips and cracks or worn-down teeth: Veneers can be used to cover up small chips and cracks in your teeth or any worn-down or damaged teeth, improving their appearance and preventing any further damage to your smile.
  • Gaps and spacing issues: Veneers can also be used to close any gaps between your teeth and improve the overall alignment of the teeth.
  • Misshapen teeth: Veneers can be used to reshape teeth that are misshapen or irregularly shaped, improving their symmetry and appearance.
  • Crooked or uneven teeth: Veneers can also be used to give the appearance of straighter teeth and correct minor dental misalignments.
What is the Cost of teeth veneers in Bacchus Marsh

The cost of your veneers may vary from individual to individual as everyone’s situation is different. At Maddingley, we completely understand the hesitation that comes with visiting the dentist due to financial reasons. It’s why we offer all health funds that are participating under HICAPS at our clinic. Smile now and pay later, with our financing options.

Teeth veneers for Bacchus Marsh

At Maddingley Dental Care, we believe that we’re the best of the best at restoring smiles. If you’re located in Bacchus Marsh and are looking for a way to repair your dazzling smile, you’re in luck! Maddingley Dental Care is only a 6 to 10 minute drive away. For convenient and gentle dental care, contact us today.

Take the first step towards a brighter, healthier smile! If you’re located in or near Bacchus Marsh, book your appointment today at our dental clinic and experience top-quality care from our experienced team of dental professionals. Don’t wait any longer! Schedule a consultation with Maddingley Dental Care today and achieve the smile you deserve.

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